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  2011_03_03_Gallery_Opening   03.03.2011 - "Let Your Colors Show!"  

Fotoeffect Studio & Gallery is hosting "Let Your Colors Show!" in Portland, OR, as part of the First Thursday in the Pearl events. The show will feature photographic works by Vilem and recent oil paintings by Kristina and is a celebration of color in all it's various shades of vibrancy and tonality. Whether abstract or photorealistic in it's artistic presentation, color is what catches the eye and sets the stage. It can be brilliant as a summer day, brutal as a senseless murder or despairing as the depths of the sea. There is no statement without color, so come out and join us for one of fotoeffect's most vivid show's yet to come!

The show will open on 3/3/11 and continue through 3/27/11.

Pictures from the event will be posted on our facebook page following the event. Log on and tag yourself - let us know who you are!

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