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06.02.2011 - "Scribbles"

Fotoeffect Gallery is hosting "Scribbles" as part of the First Thursday in the Pearl event. Featuring photo-transfers by Vilem and recent multi-media works by Kristina it is an exploration of the joy of scribbles, scrawls and squiggles and how they are an important factor in contemporary art. Whether employed as an amorphous base to create realistic images or merely to express their inherent simplicity, the use of the scribble has a long line of followers - pun intended. From your 1st grade sister to Giacometti and Jasper Johns, the abstraction of the line in any medium has been a staple in the art world. Who says we have to grow up? Come join us for a scribble and a scrawl!

Opening night will be 6/2/11 with the show continuing through 7/24/11.

Pictures from the event will be posted on our facebook page following the event. Log on and tag yourself - we love to put names to faces.



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