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Hoola_Hooping_Sailor   06.07.2012 - "Hoola-Hooping Sailors"  

That's right! It's fleet week and we have hoola-hooping sailors!

They've come to see our latest and greatest exhibition "Midwest Storms". Inspired by her college years spent in the midwest, Kristina's latest series of expansive skies bring a touch of the country to Fotoeffect Gallery. Billowy clouds as far as the eye can see over a thin strip of flat horizon expresses the beautiful stretch of emptiness so familiar in our middle states. The series traces Kristina's work from plein air sketches to middle sized studio studies that finally end in the large finished watercolors of angry cloud and sky. The pieces are a wonderful way to see both process and product and complement Vilem's ongoing Photo-Transfer show.

Opening night will be 6/7/2012 in conjunction with First Thursday in the Pearl with the show continuing through 7/22/12.

Make sure you whistle at the sailors when you stop by.

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