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  Amore   02.07.13 - "2+1 Exhibit" Presents "Black and White"  

In an age of digitalization, it is always refreshing to run across conventional photography, an art that is, unfortunately, slowly being lost. All of Krisinski's photographs are shot in black and white on 35mm film. The entire finished product is handcrafted. Each image is developed by hand in a dark rook and then individually printed and mounted.

When such care is seen in the creation of a product, it only makes sense that that would be caried into the images themselves. Inspired by her deep love of music, Krisinski photographed the many genres, from classical to rock, that she goes to listen to. What came out was a touch series on music as a universal language.

Pictured left is "Amore" - Conventionally shot, hand printed photograph. You can reach Krisinski and see more of her work on Facebook.




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