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  Out_of_Gas   02.07.13 - "2+1 Exhibit" Presents "Out of Gas"  

In a section of Shamani Compton's Artist Statement she states:

"My photography comes from a deep desire to capture and share the beauty of life. Each photo I take is a testament to appreciating my life and not taking it for granted. I want people who see my work to experience the same level of excitement for living as I experience when I am behind my camera. I want my photography to remind people that each moment we have on earth is sacred.

I use a transfer process to fuse my images to wood. I prefer this presentation to traditional framed photos because it allows me have an intimate experience with each image. When the ink is fused with the wood, the wood grain emerges and becomes part of the photo. The resulting organic texture and color creates an natural, earthy undertone that enhances the image on an emotional level. The finality of a digital image is not enough for me. Feeling the wood grain and ink beneath my fingers is a way for me to feel connected to the world around me and at the same time, share a piece of myself with others."

Pictured left is "Out of Gas" - Digital Photograph as a phototranspher on wood. Compton can be reached by email via and more of her work can be seen at


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