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02.07.13 - "Debut" by Lauryn Hare  

Debut is a set of work from the first two years of discovering photography as my medium. I optically print in my darkroom at home from my negatives and am always attempting to retrieve them just as I took them: full-framed and glorious through my lens.

Debut is a collection of images I edited from several different series manifested during the beginning of my personal journey with portraiture, mostly between 2006 and 2007. I had just begun unlocking treasures from a place that had, up until that point, been left alone. Waiting to be discovered. 'Treasures' refers to the passionate thrill of learning a new language; I began using my camera as a means of expressing my inner world: my thoughts, feelings, passions, desires, fears, and the way in which I relate to the world.


My imagery uses the female form to explore and express the dynamics of life: the relationship between her and herself, herself and her environment, as well as the dynamic of herself within relationships. These are all themes integral to my interest and work. 

More of Hare's work and contact information can be found on her website:

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