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  David_Chelsea_Snow_Angel   04.04.2013 - "Fotoeffect Presents David Chelsea"  

This month, Fotoeffect Studio and Gallery has teamed up with David Chelsea to showcase thumbnails and original art of some of his recently published comics - "Snow Angel", "The Girl with the Keyhole Eyes", and "The Kids Movie" to name a few. The exhibit provides a window into Chelsea's process, showcasing the delightful way in which his comics make it from sketches to full blown printed pages.

The event coincides with the publication of "Snow Angel" and is a precursor to Chelsea's participation in Stumptown's 2013 Comic Fest. Come down and enjoy the sharp wit of Chelsea's stories and get a profound insight into how his comics are made.

Opening night will be 4/4/13 in conjunction with First Thursday in the Pearl with the show continuing through 4/28/13.

More of David Chelsea's work can be found at

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