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  Here_Piggy_2   05.02.2013 - Piggy 2  

We're Back! After several months showcasing talented visiting artists, Fotoeffect Studio and Gallery is jumping back into the ring and presenting art by it's founders, Kristina and Vilem.

Always a rare treat, Vilem will be displaying his breathtaking abstract photographs. Taken on 35mm film with conventional, non-digital photography methods, the photographs showcase light-scapes and images in a stunning kaleidoscopic array of colors. For die hard fans he'll also be exhibiting some of his lesser seen phototransfers.

As for Kristina, she has moved to a much larger format and has recently finished some new oil paintings, ambitious in their size. Abstractions of everyday objects and people, she strives to bring a new perspective to the familiar, wrapping and blurring commonplace images in striking swaths of colors and brushstrokes.

Opening night will be 5/2/13 in conjunction with First Thursday in the Pearl with the show continuing through 5/31/13.

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