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04.02.15 - "The Body and Beast"


"I exist as a vibrant, unchained and gnarly artist. Through drawing and oil painting I capture intense expressions, difficult to articulate, they are inner sensations anthropomorphized as they are excavated and brought to the surface. This exterior is driven by a compulsive force of creativity that must disarticulate and juxtapose the figure into a dynamic display of fireworks. The end result is a skillfully detailed figure, a figure composed of organized frenzy, heavily influenced by the grotesque style. Furthermore, my work intends to promote imagination for the viewer, but more importantly it calls for a reactive effect."

--- Gavin N. Eveland

Fotoeffect Studio & Gallery is excited to present "The Body and Beast" by Gavin N. Eveland as part of the First Thursday event in the Pearl. The show will open on April 2nd and be up through April 25th. You can see more of the artists work at his website www.

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