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02.02.17 - "Transcend"

"Each soul enters this world for a reason. Sometimes we experience painful situations to see a vast difference from dark and light. We must learn to cast our shadows down and grow from these experiences to complete our purpose here on earth. We are constantly going through rebirth when we face the life and death ups and down of our souls. If we strive to change ourselves each day beauty and light will shine through us and eventually help us to transcend to be the best version of our self that we can be so that we may eventually help others on their journey. Our world that is currently being destroyed needs us more than ever right now. Without holding back unleash your wild self and be free. Get to know your heart. Listen to it in the quiet of night. Truth is within you. Submerse yourself in nature to find it."

---Emily Wenner

Fotoeffect Studio & Gallery is excited to present Emily Wenner’s latest paintings in “Transcend”. Please come join us for the opening reception this First Thursday on February 2nd, 6pm - 10pm. The show will run through February 25th and is viewable during regular gallery hours - Thursday through Sunday, 2pm - 6pm. Looking forward to a wonderful show!

See more of Emily's work at


(Pictured Left: Magic Porthole 36"x72" Oil on Canvas, 2016)

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