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Artist Bio:

Kristina Koenig was born in Southern California in 1984. She received her BFA from Principia College in 2006. Currently, Koenig resides and works in Portland, OR, where her work can be seen in various venues around town. She is an owning partner, with Vilem Stosek, of Fotoeffect Studio and Gallery, an active studio where both artists work and curate shows of their own art and others.


Artist Statement:

Having been trained with a liberal arts degree, I have always experimented with many mediums from classical figure drawing to graphic design. Though all inform my technique, it is only with oil’s moldable texture and versatility that I can explore the interplay of color and our perception of meaning.

Using a mixture of wry humor and a sense of wonder in the ordinary, my paintings of people, animals and still lifes inhabit the shadowy space between the foreign and the familiar. Testing the boundaries of realism and abstraction, figures lack facial features and ludicrous colors show up in unexpected places. Objects are left open so that they hold their surroundings like partial containers, blurring the lines between foreground and background.

Inspired by such icons as Jasper Johns, Francis Bacon and Hans Hoffman, I utilize thick layerings of paint and bold brush strokes. I rework my paintings several times, often painting on top of earlier canvases, using the underpainting and building layers. By allowing the old images and colors to seep through I construct the happy accidents of bright contrasting colors that provide the signature look of my work.

In the era of the four second attention span, I seek to create a dialogue through distortion and the withholding of crucial details. A firm believer in not giving the whole story away, I strive to give my viewers the freedom to search for meaning and recognizable imagery and, therefore, in a sense, to make the image their own.


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