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Vilem's passion for photography started as an avenue of self-expression and communication. Born in Moravia, Czechoslovakia, Vilem came to the United States at the age of eighteen, unable to speak the language, but eager to communicate.

He began his career as a conventional studio photographer, with a talent for capturing stunning images. Portrait photography was not where his true passion lay, however, as he had a desire to push the limits of conventional photography; to make a full blown leap to the arts in general. He states, "When one makes a portrait photograph he or she always deals with other people's emotions, plus one's own. When one makes non-posing portraiture or abstractions he/she mostly, may be even only, deals with one's own emotion. Dealing with one’s own only is the highest non-discriminatory point of creative freedom."

As the Greek word, "photograph" suggests, ("photo", defined as "light" and "graphic" meaning "to draw,") Vilem consciously reinvents, supplements, counteracts, and alters dimensions, by capturing his delight in the everyday. He adheres to a strict rule of using natural light and surroundings in addition to the immediate human element, leaving any post production digital manipulations to the minimum. He is truly a painter of light in every meaning of the word. Whether you perceive Vilem's art to be abstract, unconventional, or contemporary, you can rest assured that it is both a mesmerizing and immeasurable experience, that leaves you inspired by its depth desiring more.

Vilem currently lives and works in NW Portland, as Co-owner of Fotoeffect Studio and Gallery.

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