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  Vilém's Last Words  

On Art:
“Good art doesn’t need a title – but a good signature never hurts.”
“To Art is to Respond.”
“Art is full of what-ever(s).”
"There are no rules in Art, only rulers."
"Art – Do it like you mean it."
'There's nothing practical about Art."
"To Art is to run out of excuses."
"Art has no schedule."
"The day Art is to make us comfortable, we're all done, finished....kaput...adios baby." "All Art is bit of a con."
"The only bad Art is the Art unseen."
"Sometimes the role of Art is to show us the rawest yet purest way of the utmost obvious."
"Art is not to prove a point, but that doesn't mean Art should be pointless."
"Every Art is a sort of social commentary."
"To Art is to tweak the ordinary."
"Good Art does not match, it matters."
"Art, like life itself, is what one can get away with."
"Living without Art is a sin."
"There must be a cuddle after rough play...even in Art."
"Good Art costs more because it can."
"Art is like democracy it has to always evolve. But there's nothing democratic about the creative process. Thus Art is the purest form of dictatorship."
"Art was the first true religion...everything else is demagogia of the soul.”
“In Realestate it’s location, location, location. In art it’s composition, composition, composition, then…PRESENTATION!”
“One can only assume my photography, like any other photography, is simple. It happened because I was there.”
“To art is to complain with gusto and bravado.”
“Art is mingling in communication.”
“Art does not negotiate. It conquers.”
“Art is self inflicted carnage.”

On the Artist:
“Artist must be unreasonable, not without reason.”
“The way you look at art is the way you (really) are.”
“After a while every Artist is a post graduate.”
"Most (people) take pictures, some take a photograph, a few make a photograph."
"Every artist performs a community service – good, bad or indifferent."
"I'm an artist because my parents left me alone."
"I wasn't destined to be an American born artist, but I'm certain I was born to be destined to be an artist in America."
"An artist without a good, healthy dose of attitude is like a vine without grapes...the better the grapes the better the vine."
"An artist with out an ego is like a mouse without cheese, a mediocre imitator."
"There are those who decorate with Art and there are those who are possessed by it...I prefer the latter.”

On Society:
“Amercia is a sacred cow everyone wants to milk.”
"The critic is an artist who can't Art."
"A man who can not out run societal mischief, crawls."
"Middle class is not a financial statement; it is a state of mind."
“Women use makeup to cover their pores, men to cover their character."
"The church wants the government to stay out of their business. In that case the church should stay out of the government's business...otherwise open the books and be taxed just like any other business in the service sector...If you know what
I mean…"
“Equality is Society’s best advantage.”
“Two hundred seventy years of western medicine, I expect it to be superior, not perfect.”
“Wars should be only fought with food, not over food…just a good old high school cafeteria food fight.”
“Soldiers are often late but war always starts on time!”

On Money/Value:
"Money is only the fuel to get from point A to point B, what class one travels is purely up to him/ her."
"Money has no value if one does not know how to spend it."
"When I asked my father for ten bucks to take a girl to a movie he replied, ‘I'll give you ten if you bring me twenty back.’”
“Wealth allows one to buy any part of truth.”

On Life:
"Three things I learned very early on from my mother: One – It's good to be good, but it's better to be better. Two – If you can not walk away, run. Three - The world wants to be fooled."
"Life is situational."
"If I knew I was going to have so much fun in life, I would have asked for a twin."
“We all are casualties of living.”
“You don’t study life, you fucking live it…to the fullest.”
“Life is two thirds an act and one third believing in it.”
“Life is such an ass. No one forgets an asshole…but everybody remembers a bad-ass and a friend. And sometimes a friend is both an asshole and a bad-ass.”
“Passion is the only bad habit worth feeding.”
“Life! One big, never ending cliché.”

On Fame:
"I once had a dream that I was famous. I also once had a dream that I died. I would prefer very much to be famous first and not the other way around. That would be a real killer."

On Censorship:
“Historically every thought was/is, including art, of a questionable origin…”

On Thinking:
“Even free thinking is only a chain reaction.”
“Faith is permission to forgo logic.”

© 2009